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Creative, Forward-Thinking Solutions

At Melo LLP, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts across accounting, tax, legal and financial advisory, allowing us to approach your business needs holistically. With our specialized service lines, we can do the vast majority of the work our clients need in-house, providing a more efficient, convenient experience.

Audit and accounting

As regulations and accounting standards change, we help businesses adapt, while minimizing risk and maximizing reward. Over time, priorities evolve, but we ensure you take the steps necessary to achieve your maximum potential.

Bookkeeping support

We maintain your bookkeeping with efficiency and precision, creating a clear understanding of your tax obligations while eliminating any unnecessary burdens. We also ensure you have clear vendor records and payroll analytics, avoiding errors and unnecessary complications.

Domestic tax

The Canadian tax system is complex. With decades of experience, our experts have an unparalleled grasp of our country’s tax laws, allowing you to access savings in areas where it does not seem possible.

Financial services

Let our experts help refinance existing debt, going to market to finance equipment and expansion opportunities or assist with general cash management functions. We also have an expansive network that allows for unique investment opportunities, helping maximize returns for our clients.

Advisory services

We offer a wide range of advisory services to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. By tapping into all available data, we develop a clear picture of your company’s past and future, so we can build strategies that optimize performance.

International tax

We have a powerful grasp of international tax laws, allowing us to navigate your cross-border tax needs. Whatever challenges you face, we will guide you to the most effective tax solutions.

Sales tax

Our tax experts are dedicated to protecting clients from overspending. We identify and recover sales tax refunds, assist with audits and reduce future liabilities.

Legal services

Rather than deal with legal and accounting considerations separately, our in-house experts keep both in mind at all times. A unique and extremely valuable aspect of our service potential, this allows us to streamline your legal needs – from estate planning to corporate law – and our general counsel services.

We also have strategic relationships, both internationally and within Canada. This allows us to deliver complex services seamlessly. From accounting and financial advisory, to recruitment and general HR - we have extraordinary solutions for your business challenges!