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Harnessing Industry Expertise

At Melo LLP, we recognize no two clients are alike. Each one has specific needs and faces unique challenges, which is why we take the time to understand the individual nature of every business we serve. As a result, we can provide proactive solutions tailored to the particulars of your industry and your organization.


Rising costs, shifts in government policy and an unpredictable market don’t need to be a source of anxiety for your agribusiness. With keen insight, our experts will ensure you continue to thrive.

Direct sales

Direct selling presents its own unique set of challenges as organizations work to serve their clients. Melo LLP will help your sales professionals navigate a wide array of tax challenges, ensuring your business thrives in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Even seasoned businesses in the manufacturing sector struggle to understand the tax and regulatory shifts affecting their industry. Rely on your Melo LLP advisor for guidance that will help maximize your potential for future growth.

Professional services

Whether we’re assisting dentists, doctors, optometrists or other professional service providers, we take the time to understand each individual business and the unique challenges their operations face. This allows us to provide valuable assistance with tax planning, IT, estate planning and more.


Construction is one of the cornerstones of the Canadian economy. Our tax advice can ensure your business continues to generate employment, engage in valuable R&D and contribute to our nation’s infrastructure.


Organizations engaged in e-commerce are subject to different tax requirements than more traditional businesses. We will guide you through any challenges you encounter, ensuring you seize new opportunities and avert risk.

Real estate

With unprecedented growth and price increases, the real estate industry continues to experience new risks and complexity. To help clients overcome these challenges, we have an experienced team ready to provide tailored solutions to meet your financial and tax planning needs.

We also have strategic relationships, both internationally and within our Canadian network, allowing us to deliver complex services seamlessly. From accounting and financial advisory, to HR and legal support, we have the optimal solutions for every business challenge.