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Entrepreneurial to The Core

With a deep affinity for progress and bold entrepreneurialism, Melo LLP is an integrated, multidisciplinary team committed to driving business sustainability and growth. Specializing in accounting, tax, legal and financial advisory, we take a holistic, yet streamlined approach to provide enhanced client experiences for businesses of all sizes, in any industry.

Melo advisors are agile and seasoned entrepreneurs who forgo the limitations of traditional accounting firms. We believe in the freedom to grow, analyzing your business differently and blazing new trails to achieve more. Always on and eager to proactively provide insight as markets evolve, our strategic advisors can be trusted to streamline complex solutions and propel the ongoing progress of your business.

We take a holistic, yet streamlined approach to provide enhanced client experiences

Innovative approach

With an innovative style that brings powerful ideas and service lines together, Melo LLP is a much-needed disruptor in the accounting space. Our mid-market family office focus is a fundamentally new approach. By establishing a cross-functional service team, while remaining one of the nimblest firms in the marketplace, we avoid bureaucracy and focus on what matters most: building the bench strength and resources to deliver for our clients.

Enhanced relationships

An intensely service-oriented firm, Melo LLP stays closely in tune with the businesses we advise – by gaining knowledge and understanding many other firms overlook. As your professional partner, we develop a sophisticated understanding of your business, which paves the way for informed, impactful advice. Our entire business model is focused on creating the optimal client experience, driven by proven advisory services. With multiple touch points and a team-oriented approach, we ensure all our clients’ objectives are met.

Sustainability and growth

As trusted advisors, we become deeply involved in your business and challenge clients to build a path forward that’s consistent with their core objectives. Given our breadth of service offerings and multidisciplinary leadership team, we have the tools to enhance the sustainability and growth of any business. As your professional partner, we make it our business to help your business succeed.

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