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Partner Spotlight – Robert Folino, CPA, CA

WINDSOR, ON – After starting his career in public accounting, then moving into spending more than 10 years in industry, Robert Folino, CPA, CA, is seamlessly transitioning into his new role as Partner of Melo LLP, integrating innovative approaches, and offering a new voice for clients and staff.

Integrating himself into the firm, Robert’s journey started at a Principal level, working under the stewardship of Jason Melo, Founding Partner, Andrea Maresca, Audit and Assurance Partner along with Dan Maresca, Tax Partner. He credits them for sharing their wealth of knowledge and furthering his expertise and for helping him get up to speed with the inner workings of the firm. Collaborating closely with them and the staff, he was able to transition back to public accounting while building upon his business advisory skill set, ultimately helping him to connect with clients efficiently, and create an innovative and streamlined approach with an understanding of what clients are looking for.

After spending one year at the Principal level, Robert has been promoted to Partner, now joining the leadership team in the Windsor office.

Robert aims to resemble the general view of the firm, committing to creating relationships with clients, connecting across multiple areas, to better understand them, and creating an individualized experience for clients, expanding upon just a traditional accountant and client relationship. He wants to have constant dialogue and communications throughout the year to be fully immersed in his client's dealings noting that for his clients, “I’m not only an accountant, but rather an additional team member who is invested in your success.”

Robert’s diverse background and unique career path complement the day-to-day service offerings of the firm, becoming a one-stop shop for all professional services needs for individuals and organizations.

Internally evaluating Melo LLP, Robert believes the firm is set apart from others due to its diverse professional service offerings along with the day-to-day structure and approach to client experience.

“The way I look at it is it’s a team approach between the firm and our clients. All parties involved need to understand the scenario and each possible alternative, then come to terms on the best path forward,” describes Robert, speaking on how he deals with clients. “I take great pride in communication, offering a touch point and being accessible to our staff and our clients. I am always there and available. Having the ability to take a complex situation and boil it down to something simple, digestible, and understandable is something that I enjoy, given my background in public accounting and the business sphere.”

Robert’s internal growth is something that continues to push him as he looks to further expand his reach, knowledge, and expertise. A believer in continuing education and further development, he has taken a mentor role within the firm, serving as a touch point for both clients and staff, being accessible when they need him. Connecting not only on a personal level but a professional level, communication is key.

Join us as we highlight Robert’s journey and celebrate his commitment to Melo LLP along with his continued mentorship and leadership to our team.

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